Thursday, October 13, 2005

The World acording toJidoshi awards America's greediest family.

The Duggar children and their father, Jim Bob Duggar, top center, gather as their mother Michelle holds the 16th addition to the family Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2005, at St. Mary's Hospital in Rogers, Ark. Can you say, "Are you fucking serious?!!"

I shit you not. These attention mongering whores have had 16 kids so far. Apparently they are gonna have some show about how they are making a 7,000 square foot house with like 9 bathrooms and dormitory style rooms for the kids. Of course, you know someone else is footing the bill. 16 kids sounds shocking till you realize its Arkansas. In China, this family would have gone on an all expense paid vacation and to everyone's chagrin, would never return. "Das Wunderkind!" Hey Jim Bob, Hitler called and wants his superhuman breeders back!! Did anybody check their birth records to make sure they are not related? Lets see, 16 X 16 = 256, 256 X16 = 4096, 4096 X 16 = so on and so on, you get the point - a shitload of inbred white people!!!! Then the female human rabbit says shes still willing to have more kids!!! Shes not done yet! Jim Bob, just his name says it all, is like, "Allright!" You think everyone loves her having so many kids? Ask the neighbors how much they like it, after having to throw 16 consecutive bridal showers every 9 months. Ask the locals how much they like having to buy gifts, arrange a party, bake cakes, hire a catering service, and all the other shit they have to do every 9 months while this bitch lays on her back and sucks it all in like a blue whale. Believe me, even her kids don't like it. Explain to litlle Johnny and Jill why they get one less present every year for their B-days and Christmas. Ask Grandma and Grandma how much they like shopping for a Birthday present and hearing ballons popping, and horns kazooing every fucking day of the year. Ask the local garbage man how he's liked picking up the diaper filled bins at the end of the block for the last 16 years. Ask Jim Bob's boss and fellow employees how much they appreciate picking up the slack everytime Jim Bob has to leave work or can't show up because one of his kids is sick, got a doctor's appointment, throwing a Birthday party, whatever, and he has to do it because as usual, his wife can't because shes too busy on her fat pregnant back, eating a jar of pig's feet and a bag of cheetos. But if anyone in the town of Rogers, Ark dares to say anything about the Duggar family, they will be excommunicated on the spot. "How dare you comment on the family of 16 kids??" "Are you a terrorist that hates America?" The whole town must live in fear of the Duggars, like in that Twilight Zone episode, where the kid has superpsychic powers and can do anything with a thought. He could erase you as if you never existed. Worst of all he could read your mind and hear your thoughts. The town of Rogers, Ark, including the mayor and sheriff, probably line up to kiss Michelle Duggar's ass everytime she has a kid. Jim Bob, is the only winner in this picture. With Michelle Duggar on her back all year long, Jim Bob is technically a free man! He's probably a professional sperm donor on the side. Any barren women want a blue-eyed, blonde haired kid? On behalf of "The World according to Jidoshi," we proudly present The Duggar Family of Rogers, Arkansas for being the media gluttons that they are, with no end in sight, **The Greediest People in America Award** (In the words of the people of Arkansas) Might ya' proudly carry that thar Award up thar where dat sun don't shine, good buddy! If'n yer can read this, then that means yer musta larned yer numbers an yer letters.


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