Saturday, October 15, 2005

The winding down no-talent comedian Ellen is also a LIAR!

This no-good no talent lesbo now has decided to tell the whole world about how she feels soo bad, because she is from New Orleans. Wow. How terrible. You know what we are gonna do?, you no talent, ugly, unfunny, old, bad dancing dyke? We are gonna let you host the Emmys, you know, because your from New Orleans. Being from New Orleans you must feel terrible, huh? Will hosting the Emmys make you happy?? Yeah, it will, okay, we had a real talented artist, funny, dramatic, expert trained actor. Who was also a good dancer ready to host the Emmys, but because of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, we are gonna shitcan that actors ass and let you host instead. Seeing as how all you talk about these days is that you are from New Orleans. New Orleans was your hometown. We can just see you crying about the Hurricane in your big mansion there in Beverly Hills. Watching those poor homeless people fighting the floods mustve made that caviar roll taste terrible there at your private catered table there at Spagos. Say, wait a minute!! You wouldn't be that same bitch that was born in **Metairie, LA** would you?? You know, that no talent ugly dyke bitch we see on tv that was NOT born in New Orleans, but was born in METAIRIE, LOUISIANA. Metairie being a completely different city than New Orleans. You know, two different cities, you kinda figure Metairie is different from New Orleans because they got two fucking different names!! In two different fucking places!! Two totally different places on the muther fucking map!! I dunno, do you think it's possible that YOU ARE NOT FROM NEW ORLEANS!! You lying attention mongering whore! You are without a doubt the biggest, most worthless, spineless, conniving piece of shit that Jidoshi has not had the pleasure of talking about. I wish you could go doing your stupid dancing down Bourbon Street so the local cops would say your drunk and give you a royal New Orleans style ass beating. I wish it had been you on the news they kicked the shit out of instead of that black 64 year old man they showed the New Orleans style hospitality. Oh yeah, and you three pigs that like beating up old men when they are handcuffed, your next! Ellen, you earned the curse of Jidoshi! Pat Robertson brought up some damn good points the other day. Last time she hosted the Emmys we had 911 happen. This time we get the hurricanes. Im not superstious but talk about coincidence. Copy this link and read all about it.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! That's quite some anger you have got going on there. Did your church teach you to hate like that? You must have a cushy life if the biggest thing pissing you off is a no tallent hosting an award show for more no talents that has no actual bearing on our lives or the world. By the way, Mexico is poor, the middle east is rich thanks to our excess consumption of oil that's why they can't send us supplies. Not to mention that our foreign policy fucks over the rest of the world so why should they help us? International terrorists training camps and weapons of mass distruction in Iraq before the war, 0. Now, "At least 12 formitable international terrorists groups have claimed to be opperating in Iraq." Why not be pissed off about things that might actually have some bearing on your life?

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you wont be able to keep up this journal much longer?? Thats terrible! I need it to put me to sleep. Its better than sleeping pills. I read one or two of your blogs and its like hammertime! It knocks me the hell out. Me and my friends think you are a genius of comedy. I hope your joking about stopping, oh well, laters

7:29 PM  

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