Thursday, October 13, 2005

Jidoshi - Back with a Vengeance!!

Well fans, Jidoshi has been on a short hiatus to the Mary Ford clinic for a long awaited rest. But im back!! Thats right! And don't you little weasels think for one minute I haven't been keeping one of my eyes on you. I've kept a list on all you jackasses and now I'm free to rejoin the public and dish out some payba,,,,,, uh, i mean, assist you in a public interest sort of way. Yeah, thats it. I've missed you all because I care soo much. I just want to help my fellow man. By offering advice in my blog so i can reach as many souls in need as I can. The old Jidoshi was a bitter person, who needed to get in touch with his inner child, and address the needs he always wanted but never got. So Jidoshi faced his inner demons and realized he was a good person, who just needed to hear the words, "We love you Jidoshi." Now my world is brighter, see?! Hold on a sec,....... Okay, I'm Back!! I just wanted to make sure the eyes weren't watching, know what I mean? Wink, Wink! Now where was I. Oh yeah, I been watching you, you stupid little pieces of shit. Head or Gut?


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