Thursday, September 22, 2005

If Jidoshi won't watch it, then you sure as hell shouldn't, either!

I won't watch that new movie I saw on the commercial right now that stars that fucker Benjamin Bratt. He's that fucker that played a pig on LA Law, or CSI, or NYPD Blue. Im not sure cuz Jidoshi thinks all those Pig shows and movies are the same. You know, with all the, "We know you did it," and the "We're gonna get this punk," and, "We gotta protect the streets for our children," bullshit. I think he comes out in the one that has that old fat bald-headed cop that likes to booze it up and beat confessions outta people. Well, whatever, I know he's the one that they always talk about as being a great HISPANIC actor. He's a real HISPANIC role model. He's also the HISPANIC that dated that horse-toothed jackass Julia Roberts. Thats grounds for Jidoshi to lay a can a whupass all over his HISPANIC ass!! In the commercial he's running around like a soldier or something, and this guy asks him something. So he answer's the guy, "You got a NUNYA in your future." And the guys all like, "What the fuck is a NUNYA?" Then Benjamin Bratt gets on this high horse from hell, so full of pride he's almost gonna explode and says, "NUNYA damn business." I mean, I was in shock?? Thats it? NUNYA damn business? I mean, is that supposed to be cool, or?? or??? I dont know. But I know its stupider than hell. Hewins Jidoshi's Oscar for stupidest one-liner ever. On behalf of the world according to Jidsohi we are sending him one big stinking pile of human feces. Enjoy, you great HISPANIC actor. Oh, and bye the way, I dont remeber the name of that movie. That stupid ass preview made me flip the channel. Jidoshi also wont see "I Heart Huckabees." I think it stars Jude Law, or Dennis Hopper, maybe even Kevin Bacon, since hes soo good at brownosing his way into any 2 bit movie. I wont see it or even care what its about because of the title. I get it. You want to use the symbol of the heart in your movie. Like its cute to say I Heart Huckabees. Like Ill see it cuz you use the heart symbol in your title. Well it didnt work. I dont give a shit that you have a heart in your title and I dont give a rats behind what ever the fuck a Huckabee is either. Ill see your movie about as much as Ill buy an album titled the Artist formally known as Prince.


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