Monday, September 05, 2005

As usual, France and Mexico are nowhere to be found.

Well, hey France. How ya' doin? Yeah, well he had this level 5 Hurricane hit Louisiana recently. It killed a bunch of people who had french blood in them. It did a real number on New Orleans too. It really tore up the housing and then it followed up with one hell of a flood. A real tragedy. Say, isn't New Orleans french too?? Wow, you assholes haven't even asked to see how we're doing. I always knew you french people were scum, but you take Assholism to a whole new level. Remember when we saved your asses in the two world wars?? It would have been nice to see you at least lift your head away from your croissant to at least look our way. Its bad enough that germany and Russia dont do shit. Russia doesn't got anything to offer because all it's money is hidden in Vladimir Putin's secret KGB torture chambers, and Germany, well, we beat their asses in both world wars, so what do you expect? But you France, you owe us bigtime. The good ol' USA is the only reason you worthless frog bastards aren't eating sauerkraut and listening to that damn Oompah Oompah music. Not that your french shit crap music is any better. The world's best friend. When Sri Lanka got hit, who sent millions?? We sent food, aid, money, doctors, you name it. You France, didn't do shit,like now. Sitting on your asses drinking lattes and smoking those nasty smelly cigarretes you guys make. But thats okay. You know why France? Cuz who needs your fucking help anyways? We'll survive this hurricane on our own. We don't need a damn thing from you frog-eatin chickenshits. So drink your wine, eat your cheese, and go fuck yourselves. Now on to you Mexico. Where have you been hiding? Your not sitting this one out! You also owe us bigtime. What, you don't remember your buddy Uncle Sam? Huh? You only seem to remeber us when it's handout time,huh?! Oh hey Mr. Moneybags!! Nice to see you again, ol pal of mine. Yeah we'll take your Nafta, thank you. Say, your gonna loan us millions to repair roads and develop our country, thanks buddy, come on down!! Whats that, the world trade center blew up? I'm a little busy right now, sorry. Say what? A flood, thousands are homeless, uuuhh,.. , can you leave me a message and we'll get back to you. You can leave your donations outside the door. Same old story, different day. We'll keep taking care of your illegals you send us, give them jobs, pay their social security checks, insure them, give them medicaid, etc. and we'll handle this Hurricane/flood situation all on our own. Same shit, different day. Next time youneed a handout, we'll be there. Next time aworld crisis happens, we'll be there. Next time the frogs get their mickey-mouse hating asses whipped, we'll be there. So thanks to all our neighbors. THANKS FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, which is what you guys do best.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was cruising looking for information on recording artists and efforts to aid Katrina victims.

When I landed on your blog and got a little distracted - you're writing style is very unique!

I wondered if you wouldn't mind helping to let the world know about the news on Hurricane Katrina and the relief efforts being made? (It's as simple as leaving my comment here for others to see when they visit your blog, but you might also write a post on the topic for wider distribution.)

Over 1,000,000 people have lost their homes, their jobs and the numbers of those who lost their lives is yet unknown.

Alicia Keys, GreenDay, Usher, Dave Matthews and a number of other US recording artists have agreed to perform in a relief concert to aid the victims.

The concert will air live on 3 music networks - namely MTV, VH1 and CMT with proceeds to the American Red Cross.

Thank you for helping to spread the word to the world, and, if you're interested in mp3 files you might like this site for mp3 music...

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