Monday, August 29, 2005

Thanks to me!! Booya!!

HA HA Bitches!! Im still the baddest mofo this side of the planet. I tell you what, I just keep taking it up a level over and over again. I mean.... DAMN!! Check out this fly certificate man! I bet none of ya'll never seen nuthin like this. Thats cuz you all dont deserve no thanks, and you aint never gonna get no thanks. Me? Shit, Im gonna go straight to the top. Naw' mean. You? I doubt a little worthless piece of craplike you was even in the same country while I was earning my Thanks. See, I know how to handle my biznack. A chump like you aint worth the change I give that homeless mother fucker thats always passed out under the bridge. I fuckin feed your ass stale bread and birdseed. Ya! Thats right, sing little birdy! Sing for your supper! Know what else. My Thanks has these dope fly stickers that say "Hooray and Great work." This clown at work had this stupid sticker on his Thanks that had a shooting star picture and said "reach for the Stars. I said, "Man, you aint reaching for no stars. I never heard of no midget in space. The closest thing your getting to reaching the stars is that Roller Coaster ride at the amusement park. But then again, they won't let you on the ride because they dhave a height requirement." So the little brown-noser tells me, dont be making fun of his height disadvantage. That its not cool to make fun of the vertically challenged. I looked at him and said, "Stand up when you talk to me." Then I realized he was already standing. Then I said "Show me your ID. You have to be an adult to hang out here. I'll bet your momma is scared sick looking for your little ass."Then I saw the tears well up in the eyes of the little cabbage patch looking guy and I said, "Hey, your t hanks is allright. NOT AS GOOD AS MINE! but its allright." I also got two free passes to dress however the fuck I want. You see those 2 passes on my Thanks. Yeah! I dont gots to wear no fuckin tie. I can dress like Frankenstein if I want to. If someone says, "whats up?" Ill take my free casual day sticker pass and put it right on their damn forehead. Im gonna go down to the costume shop and get me a Pink Womens dress outfit with a bonnet and cover it in fake blood. Ill look just like Jackie O when she was ridin next to JFK. Booya! In your face disgrace!


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