Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mr. President, with all due respect, allow me.... (Cindy Sheehan's long overdue reality check.)

Mr. President, you are a busiest President of all time. Your busy right now dealing with inflation, a war on 2 fronts, illegal immigration, and that crazy Kim Jung Il who wants to nuke our ass, to name a few. Now you got this crazy idiot Cindy Sheehan trying to piss all over your private ranch out there in Crawford. You made the mistake of meeting that one lady who's son died in the war. You went out of your way tomeet her and all she did was dog you and then went to the media behind your back and bad mouthed you. Now every Tom Dick, and Harry is lining up to have a personal meet with you. So with all due respect Mr. President, allow me. You have more important things to deal with like an entire country whos in the leadership position of all global affairs. Thank you, sir.

Now Cindy, listen you stupid bitch!! The President is never gonna meet you!! You know why?! Cuz you are a Whack Job! Thats right! You are as insane as Charlie Manson. Thats right,lookit up in a dictionary, under Krazy with a capital K. Theres no explanation. Just a big picture of your stupid white ass. What? What? You dont understand why your son died. Well get a nice big pen and a piece ofpaper. Then write this down and go to a printshop and have it framed. I'm gonna say this real slow so you catch every word, "Because...... your...... son....... was....... in...... THE...... ARMY!!!!" Thats right Sherlock! In the army they got these things called guns. In the army they teach you things like warfare and hand to hand combat. Oh, I know you've seen these stupid commercials about an Army of One, and you can learn how to be a Cook, a water purifier, or a diesel mechanic and all this other stuff. But in the Army they also teach you how to be A SOLDIER! Did you ever think of that Cindy? Here's another thing you probably didn't think of! You dont have to join the Army! Thats right. I'll bet no one ever told you that either. But it's true. It's a volunteer Army now. The draft ended after Vietnam. You see this guy called a recruiter waits for you to come see him. Then he gives you a tour and you take some tests. Then, if you qualify, they take you to this place where you take an oath and swear to defend your country with honor, but most importantly, you take an oath to serve the President of the United States and do what he says is in the best interest of the United States of America. The President decides what is in the best interest of the people because the Majority of the people of The United States elected him. Right now the President says this thing called terrorism is bad. Thats why we went to a place called Afghanistan. Because these guys called terrorists like to hang out there when they are not in our country blowing up buildings like the World Trade Center and killing thousands of people. Is this kind of making sense, Cindy? Theres this other thing called a Dictatorship that the President says is a bad thing and we should fight to stop. Like in Iraq, there was this guy called Saddam Hussein. Now Saddam and his two evil sons liked doing things like murder, rape, torture, chemical experiments, and genocide on their own people. The President also thinks it's better to take the war to the bad guys, instead of letting them come over here and kill us in our own back yard. The men and women who go overseas to fight these dictators and terrorists are called good guys and heroes. Thats what your son was, a hero. But your too sick and twisted to ever understand that. Oh yeah, and stop bringing up that crap about this war is only for oil. Have your gas prices gone down in the last three years? So what does that tell you?


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