Saturday, July 16, 2005

Urgent: Obi Wan Kenobi, you have a message in waiting.

Hey yo, Obi Wan. Whats up. Im just chillin here in the afterlife with some of my old homies. Looks like that no good chickenshit Darth Maul stabbed me from behind when I wasn't lookin. He also had about 10 guys on his side to help him out. They waited till I was drunk too, cuz they knew if they faced me one on one I'd kick all their asses. Punks! Hey, I heard you took out Darth Maul and got revenge for me, Huh? Right on, I hope you stuck your lightsabre right up his ass!! If I see that little shit running around here in the afterlife, you better believe I'll get a piece of his ass. Like to see what he can do when its one on one. Oh, but hey, Theres something I wanted to tell you. Remember when I was dying and I told you to train Anakin Skywalker to be a jedi. Well don't!! I made a big mistake. Anakin is not the chosen one. If you train his ass, he's gonna use the force and kill all your asses. No kidding, it seems he's gonna turn bad and take out half the mother fuckin' galaxy. I repeat, don't train Anakin to be a jedi!! In fact, take him out back and kill his ass. Laters dude, I got some bitches waiting for me. Posted by Picasa


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