Sunday, July 03, 2005

Things I like, by popular demand. Not like in other stupid blogs.

I said I would never do this. If theres one thing I hate about people's blogs is having to read what their hobbies are. What their like and dislikes are. Like we're getting to know them intimately, or some stupid shit like that. They all sound the same anyways, "I like to party, chilling with my friends blah blah blah, I like clubbing and dancing and blah blah blah, reading poetry, drawing, and blah blah blah, and blah blah make sad, and blah blah makes me cry and frankly who really gives a flying ratsass!!! But here goes, because I get too damn many requests to know more about Jidoshi personally!

1. When theres a traffic jam on the opposite side of the freeway and the traffic has stopped, I like to drive slowly by the people stuck in the jam and honk my horn and wave at them.

2. Whenever I see a hitchiker thats sticking out his thumb, I drive by real slow and stick out my thumb back at them and yell, "Right On!"

3. I wait till everyone is asleep and then pile a bunch of bowls and plates, food and cereal boxes in the middle of the kitchen floor. When they wake up in the morning they think there's a poltergeist living in their house.

4. When it rains, I tell little kids that God is crying because of something that they did.

5. When really bad things happen to the rich and famous. Like John Kennedy jr's plane going down. I had a party and danced till I dropped.

6. When someones in any competition and comes soo close to succeeding that they can see the finish line, to have it snatched away right before their eyes. I love that look on their face.

7. Wrestling-The bad guys. Nothing better than watching a gang of bad guys beating the hell out of the fans favorite hero.

8. When that snotty kid up the street gets a spanking.

9. that scene from speed where the scared lady in the bus is sticking her hand out for help to get off the bus and gets her ass all blown up to hell. Yeah! Ill wear out a video rewinding that scene.

10. Money, women, beer, x-box, crank calls, death threats, and enough already! Who do you think you are? You tryin to psychoanalyze me or something?

So there, are you happy? Do you feel enlightened? Do you feel that you have gotten to know me better? Good. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Now get lost, jackass!!


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