Thursday, July 07, 2005

That stupid boy scout kid.

Whats wrong with this picture. I kind of was happy to find out this little piece of white trash was still running around in the hills of Utah after that long search. Then I found out they could of saved his ass a lot earlier. The parents kept bragging how their kid knew all these wilderness survival techniques from years of boy scouting and camping. But during the search, the parents conveniently left out the fact that their son was a bonified idiot with the brains of one of those lemmings that are always flying off a cliff. The kid knew to get away from trees and stick to wide open spaces so he can be easily spotted, but whats really moronic is the kid was supposed to be careful and stay away from strangers. The kid was sticking to the rules of looking for help in wide open spaces but kept hiding when someone got close to finding him?? This has got to be the single most stupid thing I ever heard. When I found out the kid could have been saved numerous times I wish a bear had eaten him. This is why its against the law for family members to reproduce. Next time one of those Inbred Jeds from Utah gets lost and they need to do a big search, I hope they remember this little retard. They should put him through one of those gauntlets like they did on the old ships when they caught someone stealing food. All the people that wasted their time in the search line up in two rows with sticks, ropes and 2 X 4s, while the person runs through them they just let him have it. Allright, maybe thats a bit too drastic, but the getting eaten by a bear would be acceptable. This punk kid verifies everything I ever thought of the boy scouts. Their just a bunch of wimps. We used to laugh at them when we were kids and we'd call them the pickles. When we'd see them coming through the sage brush doing their expeditions we'd throw rocks at them and shoot them with our B.B. guns. You really wanna toughen up your kid and teach them the facts of life, then you do what my dad did. You just drop off your kid in the middle of the worst slum in New York and drive off telling the little bastard to find his way home.


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