Monday, July 11, 2005

History of Racism, pt. 1. Scratchbacks vs. Wetbacks.

Jidoshi is born and bred in the southwest. Therefore Jidoshi has come in contact with a lot of racism. He has since gone on to earn a Phd in Racist Socialism. We, the friends of "The world according to Jidoshi,"are proud to have Jidoshi agree to write a new column series "History of Racism." We are sure our readers will find it some of the most interesting, provocative, and eye-opening exposes we have covered thus far.

If there's one thing I hate, is midwesterners, southerners, and northerners coming down here and calling the locals "Scratchbacks." There are no "Scratchbacks" in the Southwest. If your gonna start slinging racial slurs then at least get your name calling right!! So listen up all you Northern city-bred china-lovin' yankee scum, all you southern fried holler white trash, and especially you, you buncha podunk midwestern hoosier tick-farming bastards! In the southwest you call them "Wetbacks!" There are no scratchbacks out here,like in California, where they crawl under fences and get their backs scratched. They gotta cross the Rio Grande river so they get wet. Get it? Water, rivers, wetbacks. If you wanna go further, you can call all mexicans greasers and beaners, but don't call them Spics. Thats a word for Puerto Ricans. Like I said. If your gonna call someone names, at least get it right. So you don't look like some dumb inbred mongoloid, like you probably already are.


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