Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ellen Degenerate and some other no talent bulldyke.

Do you recognize these two dudes? No?! Ha, I fooled ya! This aint two guys, its a couple ogf the ugliest dykes in hollywood. The first one who looks like a blind man went to town on her with an ugly stick is Ellen Degeneres. The other one is named who gives a damn. Just some worthless no-talent B-Movie actress who thought she'd get in the limelight by being a rug muncher. Well, it didn't work. But the wrinkled old one in the front has a tv show or something. Not that i know anyone that has ever seen it. I hear shes been in a few movies, but I don't know anyone that saw one. Ellen is supposed to be a comedian, even though I dont know anyone that can honestly say they laughed at one of her one-liners. She basically tries to interview and kid around with anyone who has 15 minutes of fame. Last time I saw her she was singing a duet with that idiot William hung. You know, the mongoloid lookin chinaman who couldn't sing Ricky Martin's "She bangs," if his life depended on it. Yeah, I kid you not, she sang a duet with that fool. Thats called grasping for straws. That means you got 2 minutes left on that 15 minutes of fame you been dragging out in hollywood all these years. Your show will be cancelled just like that other taco-eating bitch Rosie O'Donnell. Get with it Ellen. Your not interesting because your a dyke. Haven't you noticed, the Butches and Fairies are running all over Hollywood and the reality shows. Your problem is that the gays and lesbians are all better looking than you. Hell, guys love bulldykes, as long as they are good looking. I would never wanna watch Ellen's wrinkly old Hatchet-Face going at it with another woman. Not even a donkey. Shes just too fucking ugly. I mean shes FUGLY!! Theres two things I dont like about Ellens routine. She does her stupid dancing, and her stupid commentaries on politics that are supposed to be funny. For one, you just dont look right when your dancing. Your trying to show you can boogie, but you look more like an old wrinkled prune thats rolling around to some music. Your that old idiot that gets on the dancefloor at the nightclub and everyone starts laughing and yelling,"Go Grandma, Go Grandma, Go Grandma!" And your jokes?? Talk about unoriginal. All you do is badmouth straight people and politicians. Its real easy to talk smack about your President who at least tries to do something. Not like you who dont do shit except say your expected wisecracks and do your lame dancing. Listen, Ellen, your dancing doesn't mean your hip or cool and your jokes suck ass. I laughed more at Schindler's list than I did your stand-up comedy. Hell, if you think her jokes are funny, then you should go rent The Pianist. You'll love that one. It's real funny. Why stop there, theres a whole bunch of great sketch comedies you can see, like Hanoi Hilton and The Killing Fields. You'll be rolling on the floor. You need to get over it Ellen. Just take your Geritol, drink your Metamucil, and most importantly make sure you wear your adult diaper so you quit pooping all over the place. Do you get what Im saying? Your a 60 years + nasty smelly old skank, so face the music. Bottom line is you failed. Go wherever it is you old no-talent bastards go.


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