Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Liam Neeson is Hollywood's best dying actor.

Hands down, Liam Neeson gets the vote for the best actor who plays the roles of characters that end up dead or beaten the shit out of. Repeatedly, without falter Liam continues to take on the toughest dead roles and make them look easy, and he should. He comes from a long movie career of dead lead roles spanning 25 years. Starting back with his first role in 1981 when Director John Boorman recognized Liam Neeson's talent for getting killed and cast him as the character of Sir Gawain, in the fanatasy spectacular "Excalibur." The first time future Oscar winner, took the role and delivered a powerful performance as he took a good old fashioned ghetto beating from Lancelot, and then topped it buy getting hacked to death by Evil Mordred's army. He since has continued to deliver his powerful death scenes with memorable greats such as "Michael Collins," where he played the assasinated IRA leader with such zeal. The soft spoken Jedi Knight Qui Gon Jinn, who took Darth Maul's double lightsaber right through his heart. Liam would still go on to play Godfrey of Ibelin, the father of Orlando Bloom in "Kingdom of Heaven," who has to slowly die after he was shot full of arrows. He now is starring as Henri Ducard, in this summer blockbuster, "Batman Begins." You better believe he gets his ass killed by the superhero. He's the real star of the movie, the way he takes a Superhero's beating and then bites it in the end from the inside of a falling flying subway car. But I feel his career is truly defined in his role as the Priest Vallon, in "Streets of New York." Liam portrayed a beautiful dying scene in the snow after he has had his ass shanked a couple of times by the Butcher Bill. The ass whupping the priest got was soo bad that they actually celebrated it for the next 20 years. If Liam is not dying in a movie he's getting burned half to death like in "Darkman," or getting his ass kicked and thrown in jail like in "Les Miserables" and "Rob Roy." Yessir! Liam Neeson sets the standard for dying and suffering in Movieland. Whatever project Liam has his hands into now, you better believe he plans on ending up dead on his ass before the movie ends. That's why he's the best!!


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