Monday, June 20, 2005

I'll pass on this one. I do not mock the mentally challenged, or handicapped, retards, or whatever the heck they call them these days..

I could tell you all you wanna know about this modern day lunatic. But Im sure you already know. Im sure you know hes America's #1 Neo Nazi. I could talk about how he states that there are no honest Republicans. That all they want to do is steal your money. Aren't those the same things Hitler said about the Jews? I'll just skip this one because this meathead is too easy for me to comment on. Some people are so good at making themselves look like idiots, that for someone to make a comment is just stating the obvious. It's like saying the sun shines during the day, or the stars shine at night, or that Howard Dean is a fat cynical bastard that tries to portray himself as a hard worker for the common man, even though he comes from Park Place, the richest of all neighborhoods in upper New York. No, if you don't mind, jidoshi is just gonna skip this asshole and move on to something important.


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