Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I told you Wacko Jacko was not guilty. You don't doubt me!

Thats right, you punk!! I told you this dude was innocent. If I told you once I told you twice, i told you a hundred times he would not be found guilty. I told you on this website in at least 10 different articles. I said it on my very first blog, I told you on my very last blog right before this one. Michael Jackson will be found NOT GUILTY! Im never wrong. We shouldn't waste time charging the taxpayers for trials when you can just ask me if someone is guilty or not. Im psychic and I would charge the taxpayers half price. As you can see in the picture, Michael tried to shake my hand and I said, "I ain't touching your hand with that skin bleach crap on it." Oh, are you one of those people who thinks he has a skin disease? In that case his skin disease is called "Colorplace Wall Interior Latex Semi-Gloss Off-White 5411." Right now you can by yourself some Michael Jackson skin disease at Hanley Paints with a 15 year warranty. I've always known Michael was weird ever since I got the Androgynous Michael Jackson doll for Christmas. The one where he had the flat ass and no penis. That doll told me all I need to know. Wait, I take it back. It was not a doll. Don't you dare say I play with dolls! I know exactly where your going with this so Im stopping you right here. My G.I Joes and Star Wars figures are NOT DOLLS! They are action figures. Girls played with dolls. I played with action figures! I collect ACTION FIGURES! Get it. Good. One look at my Michael Jackson Action Figure and I knew theres no way in hell he could molest anyone, male, female, girl, boy, monkey, etc. Maybe he gave the kid some Jesus Juice, but big deal. In our neighborhood, for our birthdays my Dad would always hire The Clown Keggers. They were a bunch of alcoholic clowns with a keg in their van. By the third set they were falling all over themselves. When they were too drunk to tie up the ballons they'd say, "Screw It." Then they'd line us all up behind the van and fill us up from the beer tap one at a time. I remember Clown Sluggo would tell us. "Drink up kids, lifes a bitch and then you die!" They keep talking about how Micahel gave the kid Jesus Juice and he was a cancer survivor. Like having Cancer matters when your giving a kid alcohol. If I had Cancer Id say forget the Jesus Juice, give me the Jack Daniel's Juice . In fact, put it in an IV and plug him up. I've got to give District Attorney Tom Sneedon the bonehead of the year award. This is the same DA that tried to get Michael on molestation charges in California 10 years ago. What a fool! He didn't realize the Mother of the boys had used her kids in two previous child molestation charges. One against her husband. The other against two security gaurds at the mall where she and her kids were caught shoplifting. He didn't know that this woman was lying on her welfare claims. When she was on the stand, she was the one pleading the fifth amendment, not Michael. Even the Social Services agent assigned to the woamns case said the stupid broad told her she took her kids to acting classes to learn how to look sad and frightened. No Tom Sneedon, you dropped the ball. You had no case. You were out for revenge. You wasted the taxpayers money. You lost because you did sloppy work. You don't get my vote of approval. I don't approve of your sloppy work. Now Michael Jackson can relax, reflect, get a new nose and paint job at Earl Scheibs. That's a good thing, cuz this guy could not handle life in the penitentiary. I should know, I spent soo much time in the pen I can tell you stories that will make your skin crawl. I'm gonna tell you all about my time spent in the can in my next segment. Back when they used to call me "Hard Time Hagan."


Anonymous april said...

you are so stupid!!!! lol... michael jackson did it!!!!!!!! money will buy you out of everything!!!!!!! GOD!

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