Friday, June 03, 2005

Duluth, Ga. - The Worhtless Homewtown of Scumbag Jennifer Wilbanks.

I called it out a long time ago. Not a damn thing would happen to this Biatch. I called out the city of Duluth, Ga. for a bunch of wimps. The gave her a tiny slap on the wrist. Look at the ridiculous punishment they gave her.

-2 yrs probation
-120 hours community service
- pay local Sheriff's office $2,550
-continue mental health treatment
-if completes treatment will waive the felony
-pay city of Duluth, Ga $13,250 for overtime during the search.

As you can see, the city of duluth has a court system manned by spineless wimps. Jennifer Wilbanks can do this punishment on her back with her hands tied behind her back, like she said those hispanics did to her in the van. Heck, shes already been prosecuted 3 times in your city for shoplifting. They should have given her an ankle alert bracelet, in case that dumbass boyfriend proposes to her again and she has to make another run for it, then get captured by some ethnic minorities. That dumass boyfriend of hers will pay the bills since she lost her job for being a whack-job. The sentence given to Jennifer Wilbanks verified what I said in my other articles, and proves the city of Duluth is filled with a bunch of pusses! I'll bet the Judge and the Prosecuting Attorneys are from France. Wussies! Congrats to Digger for always telling it like it is about this bitch and others @ Diggers Realm he knows whats up in America. It's a great site.
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Anonymous april said...

LOL. Scott.... you are sooo fucking stupid!!!!!

LOLO... but that's why I love ya. I can't figure out if you are writing these drunk or sober?? I can def. imagine you sitting there... ranting out loud as you type, moving the chair back and forth lol feet on the floor, wheeling back and forth... hahahah you need to take those scary ass freelance pics dont theyre scaring me :( You need to answer my calls everyonce in a while, and not just when u are drunk stupid. go there... and read my shit.. bitch!!

love, Abril

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