Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Danica Patrick - Female Racer. So What?

Whats wrong with this picture? Give up? It's Danica Patrick, a chick in a racing uniform!!! I get the point. That women can do anything a man can do, and thats true, but your taking a serious risk here. I know racing has been trying to spice it up a bit by adding minorities but this kinda jumped the gun. This aint no WNBA. Last I heard you can't kill someone with a basketball, but a car can. Just today a woman wearing sunglasses twice the size of her head almost took me out permanently, and that was in a parking lot. I mean race car drivers are supposed to be brave, but now even the fans up in the nosebleed sections are in danger! You dont believe me? Just wait until shes racing and someone calls her on her cellphone. Even those pilots in the flying overhead blimp better have good life insurance policies! I mean the bitch was clocked at 229.1 mph, and she was still trying to put on her makeup. During this race everyone kept applauding how she led the race for 19 laps! The other racers were too smart to pass her. All you have to do is follow her and wait till she makes a bonehead move. Just like you'd expect, "she thought" she felt a wobble in her front tires, so she decided the thing to do was take out the car and driver next to her. Turns out she finished 4th. That means she LOST!! Hows that for womens pride! You are woman- Yes! You a winner -NO! When Billie Jean King took on Bobby Riggs at least she won. That was a blow to mens pride. Not losing in a race. If Danica Patrick ever wins a tournament I'll enter the next race in a pinto, and I'll win. Shoot, I'll beat her with my skateboard. No, Ive got it. I'll go into the attic and grab my old plastic Powerwheel Green Machine and whip her ass. Oh, but shes so good looking! She was in Maxim! BFD!! Shes not so hot! Have you ever been to a car race. Thats where you find some of the ugliest women in the world. I'm telling you, you can't tell the women from the men. Let alone find one full set of teeth. You wanna know how ugly they are? Last time me and my guy friends went to the Pits, "WE" were voted the best looking women there. Danica Patrick made her point. Let her hock some Playtex, and her Messengil "Fresh Spring" scented, and then vamoose!! Hey, I just thought of something. A girl who knows her way with a stick shift might make a good lay. Posted by Hello


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