Friday, June 24, 2005

Aaaahh Yeahh! Pimpin in space baby!

I gonna git me this whack space bed dawg!! It' da one dem Asstronauts use in space, yeeahh! I'm takin the bitches on one freak fly ride. Allriight! Me and Captain Spaceman got all them ho's lined up. From the Coast to Coast all the way down to the dirty dirty. Theres gonna be a party in my bed every night Sucka, and you ain't invited cuz you ain't down with my posse, yeeahh. We takin this shit straight to the moon. Shit I can see it now, partying on dat Jupiter place. Bet they got some dope ass shit out there. Better not be no damn PoPos runnin round tryin to put me in one a them Black Holes and shit. Oh Yeeahh. They gonna call me Apollo after dat space mission thang on that Discovery Channel. Hey! Whatchu mean they ain't got no gravity in space?! Now you beefin. Don't be playin wit me dawg. I know they got grabity in space, cuz why else don't stars be falling on top of us. Word.


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