Sunday, May 22, 2005

Super Size Shithead

WOW! A movie about a guy that eats MaDonald's food for 30 days straight. Thats crazy. You gotta see this. Wait a minute! Hit the brakes! Did I just say it's a Movie? about a guy eating McDonald's food for 30 days straight?! Did Hollywood run out of ideas for movies? Did some new virus strain kill off all the producers, writers, and directors? "Super Size Me." For 1. Who the hell asked him to? and 2. Who the hell cares? I dont give a rats ass if he drinks a bottle of Crisco oil every day till hes bleeding lard. Here's a better idea for a movie. This idiot who eats MacDonalds every day is walking down the street. Out from behind the bushes some guys dressed like Ronald MacDonald, The Hamburgler, and that purple Grimace guy, jump out and beat the living hell outta the idiot and stick a cheeseburger up his ass. Now that sounds like a much better idea for a movie to me. Hell if this movie is for real then I can produce movies. Heck, I've got lots of ideas, like this pitch. Theres this guy see, and like, this guy, he goes to the movies see, he goes to the movies every day for a whole month. I shit you not! This mother fucker watches a different fuckin' movie every day for 30 fuckin' days straight! Its crazy, hes watching Star Wars, hes watching Freddy vs. Jason, and hes taking on The Longest Yard. I'm telling you, this dude is knocking out every Premiere. He's buying food at the snack bar. Hes eating popcorn, hes drinking sodas, he's eating hot dogs, and Juju Beans, gummi bears, ummmm...those long vine licorice things, and ummmm Twizzlers, wait are Twizzlers the same as those red vine licorice things, okay, never mind Twizzlers then, how about candy corn, do they sell candy corn in the theatres, well hes eating ice cream, I guess in the theatres that sell ice cream, but thats not the point! The point is this crazy bastard goes to the movies for 30 days non-stop. Now wheres my money? This may be printed material but It's on my website and I retain the copyright laws to this subject for a movie proposal. If I see anybody cashing in on my idea for a movie, I'll be showing up to the Premiere with a 5-gallon drum a whupass! I don't even wanna get started on the guy who chews bubblegum everyday for 30 days straight. It's an even crazier idea. I mean this guy is chewing, and he chews, and he chews, and he ummmm,.. blows bubbles. Posted by Hello


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