Monday, May 02, 2005

Sammy "Corky" Sosan of a Bitch and Mark McGWIRED!

So i'm watching baseball and amazed at the records set by Mark "Methamphetamine" McGwire and Sammy Sosan of a bitch. Im thinking wow, all-american players, and all-american imported multi-million dollar foreigners are really changing the face of Major league Baseball here in America! I mean I was impressed. McGwire would do a homer, and Sammy would respond with two. It was nail-biting fun at it's best. At least until Sammy got caught with a corked bat. During this period Mark McGwire wasa running around talking about how he only did "natural strength enhancer anabolic herbal something or other?" I was furious, I was wasting all this time admiring a bunch of cheats! I was impressed by Sammy, english not being his native language he sure how to dodge the heated questions. Reporter asking, "Sammy, did you know yer bat was corked?" Sammy responds, "Hit the Ball!" Reporters, "Sammy, is this the first time you used a corked bat?" Sammy responds, "Hit the Ball!" Reporters asking, "Sammy, have you been told by Cubs Management not to respond to our questions?" "Hit the Ball, Hit the Ball, I Hit the Muther Fuckin' Ball! Now gimme my money, Bitches!" Now McGwireD has been before a hearing panel since his former Bash Brother released everything in a tell-all has conveniently stated, "I am here to talk about the future, not the past." These guys should be eliminated from baseball history. Unless maybe we start a new Baseball league. How bout' the "MLD." Major League of Drugs. We'll have the Chicago Cheats, St. Louis Crack-Addicts, and the Milwaukee Wife-Beaters. I did a few posts on AOL a while back about the issues and I guess I got a few responses. Next thing I Knew they were getting complained a bout and some AOL guy felt like a hero and kept e-mailing me that he was deleting my postings. I still saved a couple and are in the following pics so you can see what was said. Click on the pics to expand so u can read them. I emailed the actual Cubs site and you can see that the AOL hero even mentions for me to quit bothering the Cubs. They can all kiss my ass!


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