Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Krappityville Horror and Krapness.

Was this supposed to be a scary movie? Whoa, look out, its a little girl with a hole in her head. The only "Horror"in this film is when you realize you spent $11 bucks for the movie and $20 on soda and popcorn and ten minutes into the movie you realize you still got another hour and a half to sit through. The only good thing in the movie was that hot babysitter, but leave it to an idiot movie director to find a way to get rid of her ass. This Amityville version sucked soo bad that the original was actually better. Thats pretty hard to do since the first one is what the BTK killer used to torture his victims. After watching the vew version I noticed the audience had that shocked look after you been raped and dont know what to do. You just cant believe it happened to you, and you feel ashamed and dont wanna tell anyone you actually saw that piece of KRAP. Maybe in time the memory will dissappear, but it wont, you saw this piece of shit movie and you will never erase the bad acting, the bad script, and that dumbass kid with the whole in her head. What the hell is going on with hollywood? Wheres the exorcists and the shinings? Now we got "Darkness." Darkness, should have been called KRAPness! OOOH, its dark, theres no light?? I know what to do, I'll walk around this spooky house all by myself. I said to myself, "Hey, it's got Anna Paquin in it, shes a good actress. It might be a good movie." WRONG!!!! I got raped again, just like an OZ episode.


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