Monday, May 02, 2005

Jennifer Wilbanks the Runaway Bride from Hell

So Jennifer Wilbanks was found two days ago. The networks started calling her the "Runaway Bride," after that movie that starred the other horse-faced, big-toothed, giraffe-neck, husband -stealing jackass Julia Roberts. Jennifer Wilbanks is not a runaway bride, she's just a runaway Bitch! A runaway Bride gets wedding jitters, cancels a wedding, or says she needs more time to think. A runaway bride does not change her appearance and start a nationwide manhunt after calling people to tell them shes been kidnapped. I got to hand it to that boyfriend of hers John Mason. He's one hell of a good actor. He deserves the Oscar talking about Praise the Lord and that he will still Marry her. You know he want's to put his foot so far in her ass when you look in her mouth you can see what size shoe he's wearing. This inconsiderate little shit Jennifer Wilbanks should join that other Commie Traitor Bitch, Jane Fonda, and the Dixie Bitches and make a Movie called, "We Hate America!" Don't try and distract us with your new book Jane, talking about your three-way rug munching parties. We know your still the same Commie Red Pinko Bitch you were 35 years ago, and we've always known what a money grubbing publicity whore you are. Screwing Jane fonda is like throwing a rock into the middle of the Grand Canyon. Like most famous bitches in America not a damn thing will happen to Jennifer Wilbanks, just look at the wrinkled old Nympho freak "Hanoi Jane" Fonda. While American prisoners were being tortured in a Vietnamese prison she was in the room next door riding Ho Chi Minh's face. She betrayed the U.S. so badly even Benedict Arnold's rotting corpse wants a piece of her ass. OH, and Sinead O'Connor, you nasty, smelly, bald skank! I haven't forgotten about you. Why doesn't this filthy potato picker use toilet paper? You rock-wiping, hairy armpitted, non-douching, non-deodorant wearing skank! I'm not a Catholic but even I could have told you that messing with the Pope is a really, really, really, really, really bad idea. Like all you dumb paddywack micks you had to go get loaded on whiskey before you opened your mouth. You were still chasing leprechauns when you realized what a bonehead move you made. There should be a special punishment for all these stupid bitches. Like those old medieveal stockade things, where their faces stick through a board so we can shovel shit in their faces. I hope the cemetary they are buried in turns into a chicken farm or a Pigpen so they can spend eternity being crapped on.


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