Monday, May 30, 2005

The French are Osama and Saddam's best friends!

Today being Memorial Day, I thought I would talk about the place and the people I detest more than any other place and people. Im talking about the place that makes me so angry that I won't run for President because I'd be too tempted to push the button and nuke this worthless place. If Ford ever makes a truck big and powerful enough, I'd tie a chain to it and the other end to top of the Eiffel Tower and pull it to the ground. I'd take away all their froglegs and croissants and force them to eat american cheeseburgers and pizza. I'd make them drink regular american coffee, and none of those Lattes or Cafe' Mocha craps. I'd take away their two hour midday wine breaks and make them work a full 8 hour shift. I'm talking about THE FROGS! I'm talking about the country that wouldn't let us use their air space when we wen't to fight Moammar Qaddafi and his terrorist supporting country. I'm talking about a country whos ass we have repeatredly saved in WW I and WW II. I'm talking about the country that has forgotten the sacrifices Americans made at Normandy and Vietnam to save their Mickey Mouse hating asses. Thats right! The French are so hateful they even hate Mickey MOuse. No Kidding!! They bitched, moaned, and rioted till we removed Eurodisney! And for what? Because we were increasing tourism? Because we were creating jobs? NO! It was because Mickey Mouse is a foreign cartoon character. These guys hate everything non-french. They just plain hate! I don't know why these modern Neo-Nazi white race Aryan groups, and the KK K look to Hitler and Germany for spiritual leadership. They should look take lessons France. Surprising to nobody, France now has rejected the European Union. What else would you expect from these elitists. I could bore you to death and explain why they rejected a European Charter, but I'll save you a lot of time. The French are assholes!! Always have been, always will be. Every frenchie ive ever met was a snotty and smelly son of a bitch. Thats right, the french don't wear deodorant because its too american. What about those ugly french women??!! Listen you french whores!! Take those cigarrettes out of your mouths and use a razor! Shave those nasty legs and armpits and start douching! The Eiffel Tower is the biggest form of American Penis Envy I've ever seen. These nasty, dirty, french apes don't even circumsize! Why they think they are so special. I know, for being the stupidest, most chickenshit country in the world! In WW II, while the rest of the world was gearing for war, the frenchies built their worthless defense called the Maginot Line, which Hitler easily bypassed and used against the frogs themselves. When the germans entered Paris the Pierres tucked their tails and ran. If it wasn't for America, the frogs would be speaking German and eating sauerkraut right now. The only real army in France is the French Foreign Legion. Get it? "FOREIGN" Legion. Not French. Ill leave off talking about a wrestler I used to see years ago, "The Model" Ric Martel. This wrestler represented all that was vain and cynical about france. He insulted the U.S. at every opportunity. He ran around with a big perfume bottle that he would spray in the ring and on his opponents. He called his perfume "Eau de Arrogance." Happy Memorial Day America!!! Le lait, le chat, le fromage, le car, le croissant, le Fuck You France!! Posted by Hello


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