Monday, May 30, 2005 supports the boycott of ALL French products!! believes that with friends like Chirac and France......who needs enemies? I absolutely love this website. Finally, I'm not alone. Jacques Chirac, that no good frogleg eatin frenchy bastard!! Now we know why you and that commie red bastard Vladimir Putin did not wan't us to go kick Iraq's ass. Cuz you guys were in with the U.N. and that other no good snake in the grass U.N. President Kofi Annan to make millions off the oil for food scam with Saddam Hussein. With Jacques, Kofi, and Vlads help, Saddam was able to make a new army, buy new weapons, and continue to terrorize his people. When we found 400 million hidden in one of his Palaces' walls, Jacques Chirac, who was anti-war was the 1st bastard to stick his hand out and say that money was owed to France. I wonder how many Iraqis and Kurds starved to death while Jacques got richer. I wonder how many women Oday raped while Vlad filled his coffers. I wonder how many Kurds were ground up in that human meat grinder that Qusay designed while Kofi built his multi-million dollar company Kotecna. Theres a special place in hell for these guys. Im sick of the U.S. not calling these guys out for what they are, two-faced backstabbers. I'd vote for Bush a 3rd term if he'd just say "Fuck You!" to these assholes. We need to sever ties with these jerks and get out of that other worthless place called the United Nations. What do we need the U.N. for? All I know is the U.S. pays for 50% of the costs to run that place, but every time we need support the only ones that help are the British. Get ready Kofi Annan, the U.S. just voted in a new U.N. rep for the U.S. His name is John Bolton. You know exactly who he is too, because you tried to stop his nomination. You know how he has a reputation for being a ruthless bastard. He's evil and he's pissed off. Now, he's coming for you Kofi! Posted by Hello


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