Monday, May 30, 2005

The French are Osama and Saddam's best friends!

Today being Memorial Day, I thought I would talk about the place and the people I detest more than any other place and people. Im talking about the place that makes me so angry that I won't run for President because I'd be too tempted to push the button and nuke this worthless place. If Ford ever makes a truck big and powerful enough, I'd tie a chain to it and the other end to top of the Eiffel Tower and pull it to the ground. I'd take away all their froglegs and croissants and force them to eat american cheeseburgers and pizza. I'd make them drink regular american coffee, and none of those Lattes or Cafe' Mocha craps. I'd take away their two hour midday wine breaks and make them work a full 8 hour shift. I'm talking about THE FROGS! I'm talking about the country that wouldn't let us use their air space when we wen't to fight Moammar Qaddafi and his terrorist supporting country. I'm talking about a country whos ass we have repeatredly saved in WW I and WW II. I'm talking about the country that has forgotten the sacrifices Americans made at Normandy and Vietnam to save their Mickey Mouse hating asses. Thats right! The French are so hateful they even hate Mickey MOuse. No Kidding!! They bitched, moaned, and rioted till we removed Eurodisney! And for what? Because we were increasing tourism? Because we were creating jobs? NO! It was because Mickey Mouse is a foreign cartoon character. These guys hate everything non-french. They just plain hate! I don't know why these modern Neo-Nazi white race Aryan groups, and the KK K look to Hitler and Germany for spiritual leadership. They should look take lessons France. Surprising to nobody, France now has rejected the European Union. What else would you expect from these elitists. I could bore you to death and explain why they rejected a European Charter, but I'll save you a lot of time. The French are assholes!! Always have been, always will be. Every frenchie ive ever met was a snotty and smelly son of a bitch. Thats right, the french don't wear deodorant because its too american. What about those ugly french women??!! Listen you french whores!! Take those cigarrettes out of your mouths and use a razor! Shave those nasty legs and armpits and start douching! The Eiffel Tower is the biggest form of American Penis Envy I've ever seen. These nasty, dirty, french apes don't even circumsize! Why they think they are so special. I know, for being the stupidest, most chickenshit country in the world! In WW II, while the rest of the world was gearing for war, the frenchies built their worthless defense called the Maginot Line, which Hitler easily bypassed and used against the frogs themselves. When the germans entered Paris the Pierres tucked their tails and ran. If it wasn't for America, the frogs would be speaking German and eating sauerkraut right now. The only real army in France is the French Foreign Legion. Get it? "FOREIGN" Legion. Not French. Ill leave off talking about a wrestler I used to see years ago, "The Model" Ric Martel. This wrestler represented all that was vain and cynical about france. He insulted the U.S. at every opportunity. He ran around with a big perfume bottle that he would spray in the ring and on his opponents. He called his perfume "Eau de Arrogance." Happy Memorial Day America!!! Le lait, le chat, le fromage, le car, le croissant, le Fuck You France!! Posted by Hello supports the boycott of ALL French products!! believes that with friends like Chirac and France......who needs enemies? I absolutely love this website. Finally, I'm not alone. Jacques Chirac, that no good frogleg eatin frenchy bastard!! Now we know why you and that commie red bastard Vladimir Putin did not wan't us to go kick Iraq's ass. Cuz you guys were in with the U.N. and that other no good snake in the grass U.N. President Kofi Annan to make millions off the oil for food scam with Saddam Hussein. With Jacques, Kofi, and Vlads help, Saddam was able to make a new army, buy new weapons, and continue to terrorize his people. When we found 400 million hidden in one of his Palaces' walls, Jacques Chirac, who was anti-war was the 1st bastard to stick his hand out and say that money was owed to France. I wonder how many Iraqis and Kurds starved to death while Jacques got richer. I wonder how many women Oday raped while Vlad filled his coffers. I wonder how many Kurds were ground up in that human meat grinder that Qusay designed while Kofi built his multi-million dollar company Kotecna. Theres a special place in hell for these guys. Im sick of the U.S. not calling these guys out for what they are, two-faced backstabbers. I'd vote for Bush a 3rd term if he'd just say "Fuck You!" to these assholes. We need to sever ties with these jerks and get out of that other worthless place called the United Nations. What do we need the U.N. for? All I know is the U.S. pays for 50% of the costs to run that place, but every time we need support the only ones that help are the British. Get ready Kofi Annan, the U.S. just voted in a new U.N. rep for the U.S. His name is John Bolton. You know exactly who he is too, because you tried to stop his nomination. You know how he has a reputation for being a ruthless bastard. He's evil and he's pissed off. Now, he's coming for you Kofi! Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Super Size Shithead

WOW! A movie about a guy that eats MaDonald's food for 30 days straight. Thats crazy. You gotta see this. Wait a minute! Hit the brakes! Did I just say it's a Movie? about a guy eating McDonald's food for 30 days straight?! Did Hollywood run out of ideas for movies? Did some new virus strain kill off all the producers, writers, and directors? "Super Size Me." For 1. Who the hell asked him to? and 2. Who the hell cares? I dont give a rats ass if he drinks a bottle of Crisco oil every day till hes bleeding lard. Here's a better idea for a movie. This idiot who eats MacDonalds every day is walking down the street. Out from behind the bushes some guys dressed like Ronald MacDonald, The Hamburgler, and that purple Grimace guy, jump out and beat the living hell outta the idiot and stick a cheeseburger up his ass. Now that sounds like a much better idea for a movie to me. Hell if this movie is for real then I can produce movies. Heck, I've got lots of ideas, like this pitch. Theres this guy see, and like, this guy, he goes to the movies see, he goes to the movies every day for a whole month. I shit you not! This mother fucker watches a different fuckin' movie every day for 30 fuckin' days straight! Its crazy, hes watching Star Wars, hes watching Freddy vs. Jason, and hes taking on The Longest Yard. I'm telling you, this dude is knocking out every Premiere. He's buying food at the snack bar. Hes eating popcorn, hes drinking sodas, he's eating hot dogs, and Juju Beans, gummi bears, ummmm...those long vine licorice things, and ummmm Twizzlers, wait are Twizzlers the same as those red vine licorice things, okay, never mind Twizzlers then, how about candy corn, do they sell candy corn in the theatres, well hes eating ice cream, I guess in the theatres that sell ice cream, but thats not the point! The point is this crazy bastard goes to the movies for 30 days non-stop. Now wheres my money? This may be printed material but It's on my website and I retain the copyright laws to this subject for a movie proposal. If I see anybody cashing in on my idea for a movie, I'll be showing up to the Premiere with a 5-gallon drum a whupass! I don't even wanna get started on the guy who chews bubblegum everyday for 30 days straight. It's an even crazier idea. I mean this guy is chewing, and he chews, and he chews, and he ummmm,.. blows bubbles. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Jidoshi's, "A brief History of the World's great works of Art." seg. 1

Art history is one of my favorite subjects. I thank you for joining me as I take you on a tour of some of the world's greatest works of art. Welcome to "Jidoshi's, A brief History of the world's great works of Art."

Did you know the Mona Lisa's real name is "La Gioconda,"or "La Joconde,"after the Count Giocondo who commissioned Leonardo Da Vinci to paint her. Did you know the Count never paid Da Vinci and so Leonardo kept the painting for many years after. We don't know much about Mona except that Leonardo hired minstrels, clowns, and jugglers to keep her smiling. Even Leo cracked a few jokes. The scenery behind her is not real. Leonardo invented a magical world of steam and sinewy rivers and out of this ethereal plane appears Mona with her milky melting skin and entrancing smile.

Another of the greats is Michelangelo's "and God Created Adam."This great painting is actually one part of one of the world's greatest collages inside the Sistene Chapel Michelangelo spent years on support scaffolds staring up to paint the ceiling that he never was able to look straight at someone again. His neck was damaged, but his art lives forever.

The next great work of art on display is the famous photo, "Elian Gonzalez looks down the barrel of an automatic submachine gun." This great photo was actually taken by an amateur Cuban American who felt they could tell our Government what to do. Notice the fear, the anguish, the exquisiteness of the linear structure offset by the soft green undertones. It's a well known fact that after viewing this photo, the great photographer Ansel Adams was drawn to tears, and subsequently retired from the profession stating, "he doesn't deserve to be a photographer." It is quite possible that this photo of the INS agent sticking his rifle in Elian's face after finding him hidden in a closet, is the greatest example of the Post-Modern Cubism style to date.

Next on display is Edward Munch's famous painting that started "Expressionism," titled "Despair." To Edward Munch's dismay, when first displayed, the title was changed to "The Cry." Since then it has been called "The Shriek," and is best known now as "The Scream." I'll bet you did not know that the character in the painting is in fact not screaming. Edward Much suffered from depression and is trying to capture the feeling of despair on the inside, not the outside. What you see is a creature that has lost it's humanity, it's sexuality, it's manhood, recognition, and self-worth. All that is left is a worm-like creature wafting in the wind waiting to be blown over the side of the bridge. Did you know the bridge still exists today in Norway, over 100 years later. I'll bet you did not know Edward painted over 100 of these paintings during his life. He could not counter the depression and felt this creature with a rubbery face and hands was inside him.

I hope you enjoyed this brief history in Classical Art. In future segments I plan to cover Michelangelo's great sculpture "David," Jan Vermeer's "Girl with a pearl earring," Seurat's "La Grande Jatte," and a soliloqouy selected from one of Mexican President Vicente Fox's senseless one-man impressionist monologues titled, "Mexicans are willing to do jobs even the blacks will not do." Please join me next time for another edition of Jidoshi's brief history of Art. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 16, 2005

I am Excellent and you are not!

Thats right bitches! I'm proven to be "EXCELLENT" and I got the Certificate to prove it!! I suggest you take a real good look at my certificate cuz you will never get one. That's right! All you punk asses wan't my certificate. You will never know the success that I am gonna achieve now that I have a Certificate of Excellence. Some people dream of earning a Certificate of Excellence. People like you, who don't have what it takes to make it a reality like I have! The world is mine now, and Im gonna put my boot right up it's ass. I'm gonna squash all you worthless little pissants. What?! You got something to say? Huh? You don't got a Certificate of Excellence, Do ya' Punk? Yeah, thats what I thought. I'll roll up my Certificate of Excellence and slap your momma across the face with it. Now get the fuck outta here. I don't need you or this stupid website. I'm going straight to the top, and you all can kiss my ass! Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Open letter to Samara from "The Ring."

Hi Samara, it's me Scott. First off I just wanna say that I'm a big fan of your work. I love The Ring movies. That idea with the videotape and The phone call saying you have 7 days to live. Brilliant!! That thing with the jumping out of the well and going through someone's tv. Aww man, that's awesome! So try not to take this wrong. I just think theres a couple of things you can improve on. Let's call it positive criticism, okay? Now Samara, have you ever heard of DVD? The reason why is because your still using vhs tapes to whack people, and pretty soon you won't be killing anyone if you don't go to DVD. Heck, I don't even know anyone thats still using a vcr. DVD is more compact, the clarity is better and everyone has one these days cuz they're cheap. Not to mention DVD/CD burners for copying. Or better yet, why don't you post your video on those free internet sites. Theres Napster, Limewire, and Soulsearch to name a few. When you post your video label it with the title "XXX Porn Gangbang Orgy Lesbians!" Trust me, you do that and you'll be killing soo many people you won't know what to do. You'll have to hire on some help because there will be so many people for you to kill. Well, other than that I think your doing a pretty good job. Keep up the good work Samara. Have a nice day. P.S. do you only go through regular tvs? Or can you use the newer TV sets like Plasma and High Definition? Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Runaway Shoplifter Convict Bitch with weird eyes!

I love it, shes a 3 time convicted shoplifter. I hope this helps in putting her ass in jail. What was that movie with Jennifer Blair in a woman's prison where they broomsticked her? And what's with that stare in all her pictures? I'll bet she does a lot of coke. If that flying "Jeepers Creepers," guy sees her picture he'll eat her eyes out. This crazy whack job's story is getting weirder and weirder. Now she says she was abducted by two mexicans and a white woman in a van, who sexually assaulted her?! Since Greyhound bus lines have received so much free publicity from this rat's story, they should give her a free trip to New York on Puerto Rican Pride day as the honorary guest.Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 08, 2005

"Reggie Miller" is the ugliest man in basketball since that idiot Scottie Pippen is retired. Scottie Pippen with his horrible afro and that messed up nose had Reggie Miller beat, hands down, but now Reggie Miller gets the vote. The only thing weirder than Reggie's face is the way he talks. He sounds like a stoned out california surfer. "Whoa dude!" I've always thought he looks like one of those Ferengi monster alien guys from Star Trek. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

America's 1st family of Skanks

Divine Secrets of the Ca Ca Sisterhos Posted by Hello

Monday, May 02, 2005

Jennifer Wilbanks the Runaway Bride from Hell

So Jennifer Wilbanks was found two days ago. The networks started calling her the "Runaway Bride," after that movie that starred the other horse-faced, big-toothed, giraffe-neck, husband -stealing jackass Julia Roberts. Jennifer Wilbanks is not a runaway bride, she's just a runaway Bitch! A runaway Bride gets wedding jitters, cancels a wedding, or says she needs more time to think. A runaway bride does not change her appearance and start a nationwide manhunt after calling people to tell them shes been kidnapped. I got to hand it to that boyfriend of hers John Mason. He's one hell of a good actor. He deserves the Oscar talking about Praise the Lord and that he will still Marry her. You know he want's to put his foot so far in her ass when you look in her mouth you can see what size shoe he's wearing. This inconsiderate little shit Jennifer Wilbanks should join that other Commie Traitor Bitch, Jane Fonda, and the Dixie Bitches and make a Movie called, "We Hate America!" Don't try and distract us with your new book Jane, talking about your three-way rug munching parties. We know your still the same Commie Red Pinko Bitch you were 35 years ago, and we've always known what a money grubbing publicity whore you are. Screwing Jane fonda is like throwing a rock into the middle of the Grand Canyon. Like most famous bitches in America not a damn thing will happen to Jennifer Wilbanks, just look at the wrinkled old Nympho freak "Hanoi Jane" Fonda. While American prisoners were being tortured in a Vietnamese prison she was in the room next door riding Ho Chi Minh's face. She betrayed the U.S. so badly even Benedict Arnold's rotting corpse wants a piece of her ass. OH, and Sinead O'Connor, you nasty, smelly, bald skank! I haven't forgotten about you. Why doesn't this filthy potato picker use toilet paper? You rock-wiping, hairy armpitted, non-douching, non-deodorant wearing skank! I'm not a Catholic but even I could have told you that messing with the Pope is a really, really, really, really, really bad idea. Like all you dumb paddywack micks you had to go get loaded on whiskey before you opened your mouth. You were still chasing leprechauns when you realized what a bonehead move you made. There should be a special punishment for all these stupid bitches. Like those old medieveal stockade things, where their faces stick through a board so we can shovel shit in their faces. I hope the cemetary they are buried in turns into a chicken farm or a Pigpen so they can spend eternity being crapped on.

Sammy "Corky" Sosan of a Bitch and Mark McGWIRED!

So i'm watching baseball and amazed at the records set by Mark "Methamphetamine" McGwire and Sammy Sosan of a bitch. Im thinking wow, all-american players, and all-american imported multi-million dollar foreigners are really changing the face of Major league Baseball here in America! I mean I was impressed. McGwire would do a homer, and Sammy would respond with two. It was nail-biting fun at it's best. At least until Sammy got caught with a corked bat. During this period Mark McGwire wasa running around talking about how he only did "natural strength enhancer anabolic herbal something or other?" I was furious, I was wasting all this time admiring a bunch of cheats! I was impressed by Sammy, english not being his native language he sure how to dodge the heated questions. Reporter asking, "Sammy, did you know yer bat was corked?" Sammy responds, "Hit the Ball!" Reporters, "Sammy, is this the first time you used a corked bat?" Sammy responds, "Hit the Ball!" Reporters asking, "Sammy, have you been told by Cubs Management not to respond to our questions?" "Hit the Ball, Hit the Ball, I Hit the Muther Fuckin' Ball! Now gimme my money, Bitches!" Now McGwireD has been before a hearing panel since his former Bash Brother released everything in a tell-all has conveniently stated, "I am here to talk about the future, not the past." These guys should be eliminated from baseball history. Unless maybe we start a new Baseball league. How bout' the "MLD." Major League of Drugs. We'll have the Chicago Cheats, St. Louis Crack-Addicts, and the Milwaukee Wife-Beaters. I did a few posts on AOL a while back about the issues and I guess I got a few responses. Next thing I Knew they were getting complained a bout and some AOL guy felt like a hero and kept e-mailing me that he was deleting my postings. I still saved a couple and are in the following pics so you can see what was said. Click on the pics to expand so u can read them. I emailed the actual Cubs site and you can see that the AOL hero even mentions for me to quit bothering the Cubs. They can all kiss my ass!

two of my posts and the heat generated/ click on to expand

Some responses to my posts on Corky and McGwire Posted by Hello

These guys know the truth

truthful opinions on Corky Sosa Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Krappityville Horror Posted by Hello

The Krappityville Horror and Krapness.

Was this supposed to be a scary movie? Whoa, look out, its a little girl with a hole in her head. The only "Horror"in this film is when you realize you spent $11 bucks for the movie and $20 on soda and popcorn and ten minutes into the movie you realize you still got another hour and a half to sit through. The only good thing in the movie was that hot babysitter, but leave it to an idiot movie director to find a way to get rid of her ass. This Amityville version sucked soo bad that the original was actually better. Thats pretty hard to do since the first one is what the BTK killer used to torture his victims. After watching the vew version I noticed the audience had that shocked look after you been raped and dont know what to do. You just cant believe it happened to you, and you feel ashamed and dont wanna tell anyone you actually saw that piece of KRAP. Maybe in time the memory will dissappear, but it wont, you saw this piece of shit movie and you will never erase the bad acting, the bad script, and that dumbass kid with the whole in her head. What the hell is going on with hollywood? Wheres the exorcists and the shinings? Now we got "Darkness." Darkness, should have been called KRAPness! OOOH, its dark, theres no light?? I know what to do, I'll walk around this spooky house all by myself. I said to myself, "Hey, it's got Anna Paquin in it, shes a good actress. It might be a good movie." WRONG!!!! I got raped again, just like an OZ episode.