Wednesday, April 27, 2005

This aint a Friendship Love kinda B.S, dig it Sucka?

I've been reading lotsa journals, blogs, whatever the hell you wanna call them, and they start to sound the same after awhile..... I wonder if he or she likes me??? I'm soo confused?! My friend slept with my friend so they are not my friends anymore, blah blah blah! bu bLah Bu Bu Bu Blah Blah Blah! , oh yeah and a shout out to my good friend Susie, and Markie, and TL, and blah blah blah, and the crew back at blah blah blah. I think I'm gonna hav some fun up in this MA! I'm gonna tell it like it is!! The man don't wan't me to tell the truth so I got to do some Blogging! Thats right fool, I got the inside info, word! But keep it on the low low, naw mean?! Think you can handle the truth? I gon' raise the roof wit' dis - Yay yay! All right, all right, I'm getting back to the real world, time to get off the high horse. Couldn't be helped, I just saw "Conspiracy Theory," and Mel Gibson, u owe $1.50 for wut I spent renting your piece of crap movie, even if I got to take it out of your religious movie making multi-million dollar ass, I will get my $1.50. Just tell me one thing Mel?! How could you ever kiss that big toothed horse face, giraffe neck looking Julia Roberts?? Sick Bastard! Where was I, oh yeah, time to get down with some real BIZNACK!


Anonymous abril! said...

ahhh scott. this is why I love ya, ur such a dork idiot!!!!!!

7:34 PM  

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