Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I will Curse You!

I will Curse You! Don't make me do it, I will if I have to. This is a very serious curse. If I curse you get ready to receive a lot of junk mail, that's right, you can expect a lot of coupons, mail-in offers and all other kinds of crap in your mailbox. You also will get phone solicitations from saleman, debt-collectors, landlords, unwanted family members, electronic telemarketing companies, etc., your phone will ring off the damn hook, I promise. You will have to do things like take out the trash twice a week, clean the dog crap in yer backyard, pay taxes, catch colds, and all kinds of things. Your cars will break down and need to be repaired. Your computers will freeze up. Your plumbing will backup. There will be power failures and the lightbulbs will burnout. Worst of all you will get old, sick, and one day die. Your probably getting older even as you read this. I watch a lot of sports and some sports stars have really pissed me off!

To start out my list of the biggest sports Assholes who deserve what they get.

1. Robert Parish, ret. Boston Celtic. For being a know good coward who could't take it when Bill Laimbeer (ret. Detroit Piston) showed him up for the old cataract suffering bum-kneed old man on the court that he was. He grabbed Bill's hair from behind and hit him in the face with his other hand. Robert Parish, they called you the "Chief" but you only survived in the NBA by hanging on Larry Byrds jockstrap! I hope the crutches snap from out under you wherever your bum wobbly legs are carrying you.

2. Emmitt Smith., ex-dallas cowboy/ phoenix cardinal. For taking his helmet off in the endzone after a touchdown so he could act like he won the game and everyone would look at his ugly face! I hope you get calcium deposits in your ankles, shinbone, and whatever else you get. Hope you and Micahel Irvin do soo much coke you end up like Milli Vanilli.

3. Charles Barkley, ex- Phoenix Sun/ 76er. For Spitting on a little girl on the sidelines during a basketball game. I hope you get stuck in a pool full of luggees head first.

enjoy those phone solicitations and junk mail boys!

be sure to check my upcoming comments on Sammy Sosa & Mark McGwire. Im gonna include some e-mails that were sent to scare me when I told it like it is.

to be continued,............


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