Wednesday, April 27, 2005

George Clooney I HATE YOUR ASS!!

Name : George Clooney
Occupation: Actor
Hobbies : Spouting politics, banging anything in a skirt, bashing the Papparazzi, & world savior.
Education : Don't make me laugh.

This guy really pisses me off. This self-preaching holier thatn thou modern day martyr, I swear!! George Clooney is Hollywoods newest freedom fighter/ world hero. This is the jerk who self-appointed himself as the enemy of the papparazzi when Princess Di died. I ftheres one thing I cant stand is a movie star who gets offended when you take his picture. That's like a rock star getting angry if you listen to their music. What an Asshole. Now hes a political Bush Basher!! War is Bad, Bush is Bad, Iraq was nice till we got there, blah blah blah. Why didnt you face Bill O'Reilly on Fox News Huh?? This guys spouts so much crap he makes Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon seem smart! Lets check out his history, Making a movie called Dusk till Dawn where you kill cops, capture a family, your brother is a psycho sexual-deviant = OK, War in Afghanistan after 9/11 = Bad. Movie where Clooney is a soldier in war called Three kings and stealling gold = ok. Real war in Iraq = Bad. it seems viloence and war are okay as long as George Clooney puts a few million in his pocket. Tell you what George, go for a walk in the nice Iraqi Sunni district and see if you dont get a nice decapitation for all your kindness. This guy deserves an award in the shape of a camel turd! I hope one of those long slimy eel monster alien things comes out of his ass like in that movie "Dreamcatcher!" The world's Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, whatever you are should get together on their knees and pray simultaneously that jerk never plays Batman again!!


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