Thursday, April 28, 2005

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Major League Asshole!

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I will Curse You!

I will Curse You! Don't make me do it, I will if I have to. This is a very serious curse. If I curse you get ready to receive a lot of junk mail, that's right, you can expect a lot of coupons, mail-in offers and all other kinds of crap in your mailbox. You also will get phone solicitations from saleman, debt-collectors, landlords, unwanted family members, electronic telemarketing companies, etc., your phone will ring off the damn hook, I promise. You will have to do things like take out the trash twice a week, clean the dog crap in yer backyard, pay taxes, catch colds, and all kinds of things. Your cars will break down and need to be repaired. Your computers will freeze up. Your plumbing will backup. There will be power failures and the lightbulbs will burnout. Worst of all you will get old, sick, and one day die. Your probably getting older even as you read this. I watch a lot of sports and some sports stars have really pissed me off!

To start out my list of the biggest sports Assholes who deserve what they get.

1. Robert Parish, ret. Boston Celtic. For being a know good coward who could't take it when Bill Laimbeer (ret. Detroit Piston) showed him up for the old cataract suffering bum-kneed old man on the court that he was. He grabbed Bill's hair from behind and hit him in the face with his other hand. Robert Parish, they called you the "Chief" but you only survived in the NBA by hanging on Larry Byrds jockstrap! I hope the crutches snap from out under you wherever your bum wobbly legs are carrying you.

2. Emmitt Smith., ex-dallas cowboy/ phoenix cardinal. For taking his helmet off in the endzone after a touchdown so he could act like he won the game and everyone would look at his ugly face! I hope you get calcium deposits in your ankles, shinbone, and whatever else you get. Hope you and Micahel Irvin do soo much coke you end up like Milli Vanilli.

3. Charles Barkley, ex- Phoenix Sun/ 76er. For Spitting on a little girl on the sidelines during a basketball game. I hope you get stuck in a pool full of luggees head first.

enjoy those phone solicitations and junk mail boys!

be sure to check my upcoming comments on Sammy Sosa & Mark McGwire. Im gonna include some e-mails that were sent to scare me when I told it like it is.

to be continued,............

George Clooney I HATE YOUR ASS!!

Name : George Clooney
Occupation: Actor
Hobbies : Spouting politics, banging anything in a skirt, bashing the Papparazzi, & world savior.
Education : Don't make me laugh.

This guy really pisses me off. This self-preaching holier thatn thou modern day martyr, I swear!! George Clooney is Hollywoods newest freedom fighter/ world hero. This is the jerk who self-appointed himself as the enemy of the papparazzi when Princess Di died. I ftheres one thing I cant stand is a movie star who gets offended when you take his picture. That's like a rock star getting angry if you listen to their music. What an Asshole. Now hes a political Bush Basher!! War is Bad, Bush is Bad, Iraq was nice till we got there, blah blah blah. Why didnt you face Bill O'Reilly on Fox News Huh?? This guys spouts so much crap he makes Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon seem smart! Lets check out his history, Making a movie called Dusk till Dawn where you kill cops, capture a family, your brother is a psycho sexual-deviant = OK, War in Afghanistan after 9/11 = Bad. Movie where Clooney is a soldier in war called Three kings and stealling gold = ok. Real war in Iraq = Bad. it seems viloence and war are okay as long as George Clooney puts a few million in his pocket. Tell you what George, go for a walk in the nice Iraqi Sunni district and see if you dont get a nice decapitation for all your kindness. This guy deserves an award in the shape of a camel turd! I hope one of those long slimy eel monster alien things comes out of his ass like in that movie "Dreamcatcher!" The world's Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, whatever you are should get together on their knees and pray simultaneously that jerk never plays Batman again!!

This aint a Friendship Love kinda B.S, dig it Sucka?

I've been reading lotsa journals, blogs, whatever the hell you wanna call them, and they start to sound the same after awhile..... I wonder if he or she likes me??? I'm soo confused?! My friend slept with my friend so they are not my friends anymore, blah blah blah! bu bLah Bu Bu Bu Blah Blah Blah! , oh yeah and a shout out to my good friend Susie, and Markie, and TL, and blah blah blah, and the crew back at blah blah blah. I think I'm gonna hav some fun up in this MA! I'm gonna tell it like it is!! The man don't wan't me to tell the truth so I got to do some Blogging! Thats right fool, I got the inside info, word! But keep it on the low low, naw mean?! Think you can handle the truth? I gon' raise the roof wit' dis - Yay yay! All right, all right, I'm getting back to the real world, time to get off the high horse. Couldn't be helped, I just saw "Conspiracy Theory," and Mel Gibson, u owe $1.50 for wut I spent renting your piece of crap movie, even if I got to take it out of your religious movie making multi-million dollar ass, I will get my $1.50. Just tell me one thing Mel?! How could you ever kiss that big toothed horse face, giraffe neck looking Julia Roberts?? Sick Bastard! Where was I, oh yeah, time to get down with some real BIZNACK!